‘On The Origin Of Species’

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“Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species is one of the most precious books in the entire library of our species.”  Richard Dawkins

“Darwin’s Origin of Species is one of humanity’s crowning achievements.”  James T. Costa

“The Theory of Darwinian Evolution, which continues to be refined by thousands of scientists working around the world, is the basis for the entire field of modern biology. Today it is one of the most important concepts in science and probably in the history of human thought.”  John Kress

“(The Origin is) a truly great book, one which after a century of scientific progress, can still be read with profit by professional biologists.”  Sir Julian Huxley

“The name of Charles Darwin stands along side of those of Issac Newton and Michael Faraday; and like them, calls up the grand ideal of a searcher after truth and interpreter of nature.”   Thomas Henry Huxley

“If I were to give an award for the single best idea anyone ever had, I’d give it to Darwin, ahead of Newton and Einstein and everyone else.”  Daniel C. Dennett

Next to the Bible no work has been quite as influential, in virtually every aspect of human thought, as The Origin of Species.”  Ashley Montagu

“(The Origin of Species) is, together perhaps with Galileo’s dialogues on motion, easily the most readable and approachable of the great revolutionary works of the scientific imagination.”  John Burrow

“Arguably history’s most influential book.”  E.O. Wilson

See also Kelly’s   “The Illuminated ‘Origin Of Species’ “

The Illuminated Origin of Species, a one-of-a-kind work of art, combines traditional illumination and botanical art with the unabridged first edition of Darwin’s masterpiece of scientific literature.

Whether you love science, books, art, or all three, I look forward to sharing themilestones of this project with you. Please consider making a purchase ordonation to help make The Illuminated Origin of Species possible.



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