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During Richard Dawkins’ 2009 American tour, he visited the “Explore Evolution” exhibit at the University of Nebraska State Museum in Lincoln. While visiting he filmed a collection of short unrehearsed and unscripted videos—just inspired by the “Explore Evolution” exhibit.

This collection includes six short videos.

VIDEO 1: Show me the intermediate fossils!
Richard Dawkins shows how whales evolved from a cloven-hoofed ancestor, and reveals whales’ closest modern-day cousin.
VIDEO 2: Why are there still Chimpanzees?
Richard Dawkins clears up the misunderstanding of Evolution that is all too common: If we descended from Chimpanzees, then why are there still Chimpanzees? Dawkins explains that we DID NOT descend from Chimpanzees—we both share a common ancestor.
VIDEO 3: Comparing the Human and Chimpanzee Genomes
Richard Dawkins shows just how similar the Human and Chimpanzee genomes really are, with the help of a great visual from the University of Nebraska Museum.
VIDEO 4: Ants that farm, compost and weed
Richard Dawkins explains how fungus-farming ants from Central and South America make their living.
VIDEO 5: Diatoms: The Evolution of a New Species
Richard Dawkins explains how microscopic algae called Diatoms uniquely evolved in Yellowstone Lake.
VIDEO 6: Hawaii as a Nursery of Evolution
Richard Dawkins shows how the relatively young island chain of Hawaii acts as a nursery of evolution as it moves over a volcanic hotspot in the Pacific Ocean, generating new islands. He shows how Drosophila flies have diverged on the different islands, driven by sexual selection.