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Trailer of the fulldome video film “Natural Selection”. A 3D fulldome film about Charles Darwin, the voyage of the Beagle and Darwin’s quest to solve the mystery of mysteries: “How do new species arise to replace those lost in extinction”.

Mueller Planetarium at the University of Nebraska State Museum was the site of a U.S. premier June 1 when it was the first planetarium in the United States to present the new fulldome show, “Natural Selection.”

Jack Dunn, planetarium coordinator, said he is proud to present a show that expands the scope of programming of what planetariums typically offer.

“Natural Selection has helped support our role in the museum by showing science as beautiful and exciting. Showing something like this doesn’t mean we will ever go completely away from astronomy — the roots of the theater — but I’m happy to be able to present a program that uses immersive fulldome technology at is best to showcase diversity in nature.”